TetraLexRN is a low-level stimulation and biofeedback center that will help you experience relaxed ease and improved attention through education and training.

At TetraLexRN, you will get to learn about all of your nervous systems. We will look at mental health and physical wellness through a variety of assessments that look at the brain and body electric; the signals of you.

Based on your goals, we will make a plan that can incorporate any of the following: breathing exercises & self-discipline, nutrition & supplements, psycho-sensory techniques & reflex integration, low-level stimulation & biofeedback.

Alexandra Linardakis
Principal Practitioner

Alexandra Linardakis, RN, BCN

Alexandra Linardakis, RN, BCN is the Principal Practitioner at TetraLexRN. Having founded the company in 2014, Alexandra works to clarify, simplify, and better the lives of her patients.
Why You Should Choose TetraLexRN

Strength & Expertise

Validate & Inform +

Through our comprehensive assessment, you will be able to see yourself in new ways (for example through brain-mapping, heart rate variability & neurocognitive testing). Related to the way electrochemical patterning has been established in your life, you will be informed as to how we might help you reach your goals.

Meaningful Use +

Biofeedback allows us one way to learn why attention matters. Being able to shift our attention & move between states of arousal is meaningful. Not everyone shifts from vigilance and high alert to calm and peaceful the same way. Biofeedback honors your being able to find your own way with guidance & meaningful feedback (for example through a brain-computer interface).

Finding A Narrative +

Through storytelling about the important internal and external events that have helped shape you and what you value, we will establish what is most needed to begin with. Often it is either flexibility, stability, or strengthening.

Collaborative Care +

With consent, results of the assessments done and training planned can be shared with Primary Care Physicians, Therapists, or Specialist Doctors such as Psychiatrists or Neurologists. Periodic communication provides beneficial as progress is made.

Case Management +

Nurse case management in the context of what TetraLexRN can offer is related to nutrition, exercise, sleep, supplement, and medication tracking.

Lexi was a source of knowledge, strength, and trust during our weakest moments. We found the process of low-level stimulation/biofeedback to be an essential piece to our recovery plan and continue to seek this treatment as a source of continued stability in achieving optimum mental health wellness.

Real Patient

After being hit by a truck in February of 2014 I fell into a deep depression. I could not sleep, I could not think clearly, I suffered terrible mood swings. Eventually, I checked myself into a rehab center where I completely fell apart. It was not until I started working with Lexi that I saw a real change in my attitude toward myself, life, and little by little I began sleeping. I made a commitment, and the commitment has changed my life. Through many ups and downs, Lexi has stuck with me. Am I the person before my TBI? No. But, I am more myself than I have been in many years. Here I am in the middle of the pandemic and I am functioning better than almost anyone around me. I have always been temperamental, and perhaps bi-polar, but, I have come such a long way I hardly recognize myself. I am forever thankful that Lexi has and will continue to be my neurofeedback practitioner. Her patience is unparalleled, her support is unending, and her wisdom is eternal.

Real Patient
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