What is Biofeedback? | Brainwaves: Ep. 1

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding our practice is, “What is Biofeedback?”

Biofeedback is just what it sounds like – feedback about the body. Through visual or auditory signals, we can learn more about the body and how it behaves in order to gain more control of the body’s involuntary functions, such as blood flow, blood pressure, breathing and heart rate. By gaining better control of these functions, the body can manage stressors and alleviate a variety of conditions. Biofeedback has been found to help with ADHD, anxiety, traumatic brain injuries, depression, PTSD and many other applications.

In this video, Alexandra Linardakis, RN, BCN breaks down the basics of biofeedback in Episode 1 of Brain Waves; an interview series with TetraNeuroNet’s principal practitioner.

TetraNeuronet is a low-level stimulation and biofeedback center based in the Hudson Valley, New York area that will help you experience relaxed ease and improved attention through education and training.


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